The Acoustic Strawbs

Saturday 24th June - 8 pm

There are three ingredients for longevity in music: talent, lyrical originality and persistence. The Strawbs have all three, with showmanship as a bonus. With a success-packed timeline going all the way back to 1967, the Strawbs are as exhilarating today as they ever were. Creative helmsman Dave Cousins has much to be proud of. Memorable hits such as Lay Down and Part of The Union represent only the tip of an iceberg of success. Seven consecutive Strawbs albums made it into America's Billboard Top 200, resulting in global sales of over three million albums. If we need any confirmation of how durable and exciting good music can be, then Dave Cousins, Dave Lambert and Chas Cronk fronting today's Strawbs tells us all we need to know.

From acoustic to electric and back again is a journey the Strawbs make with consummate musical ease. The band's leading light Dave Cousins began his creative career by serving his apprenticeship in the reflective, accomplished world of British traditional folk. Back when they were known as The Strawberry Hill Boys, they enjoyed the eternal distinction of having the legendary vocalist Sandy Denny in the line-up. Decades on, the Strawbs are among the best purveyors of this musical heritage around today.

Acoustic performance demands a level of seasoned harmonic craftsmanship and the band's unplugged versatility and energy, gained over decades of rich experience have earned the Strawbs the kind of accolades most acoustic groups can only dream of. For example, Dave Cousins has been described by the prominent All Music Guide as "the most talented Dylan influenced songwriter to come out of England". Plaudits such as this are rare, reserved for only the elite, a category the Strawbs inhabit naturally.

With terrific songs, sublime melodies, a true feel for tradition and superlative vocal harmonies, they occupy a special place in British acoustic music. What has gained the Strawbs such international respect today is the originality, substance and social relevance of their lyrics. Acoustic music on this level can be encapsulated in two words — visionary talent — and when you hear such songs as Tell Me What You See it becomes obvious that Dave Cousins, guitar and vocals, Dave Lambert, guitar and vocals, underpinned by superb bassist Chas Cronk have that quality in abundance.

An acoustic Strawbs gig is an event to treasure. Imagination, passion, emotion and exquisite vocal harmonies. If you enjoy great music, the Strawbs deliver.

Doors open at 7.15 pm.


All tickets: £18.50.

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