The World of Gin Festival

Saturday August 19th - Noon to 10pm
Curious Gin Club presents - The World of Gin Festival

The Curious Gin Club at Settle Victoria Hall welcomes to the amazing world of a Artisan Gin and tonic...or other mixer if you fancy! Our aim is for you to have fun and discover a variety of wonderful premium gins, locally produced here in the UK and from around the world. We want you to wander round and discover the delights of what we have to offer, to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy some fantastic live entertainment. We will have a selection of over 30 different Gins and over 20 different tonics/Mixers.

On arrival you will be asked to present your printed ticket to one of our friendly volunteers or pay on the door if tickets are still available. Once inside you are free to come and go throughout the day.

​All ticket holders must be 18 years or over to gain access to our festival. Those lucky ones that look 25 years or younger must present proof of their age. We operate a safe drinking policy and we operate under the "challenge 25" policy.

Once inside, you will be met by one of our lovely volunteers who will give you a brief introduction to the festival, and handover the most valuable piece of equipment that you will need - your very own gin balloon glass. This glass is yours to take home, and savour more gin!

Take your glass around with you at the venue as this is what you will need to get served your selected premium gins (and some vodkas & Prosecco Cocktails too).

You will also be furnished with a small handy sized guide, giving you a brief description of the gins on offer at the venue. The guide will advise which mixer and garnish suits each gin, to enable you to create the perfect drink or choose your own.

Our volunteers will be stationed at a point within the venue where you will be able to buy tokens to exchange for your measures of gin. Tokens can be bought by cash only. Each token is worth £4.00. Each measure of gin (25ml) is 1 token and includes your choice of Tonic/mixer and garnish. Have a look around, study your guide, then select your gin. The bar will have a selection of gins, Vodkas & cocktails these will be outlined in the guide. Simply head to the bar where your chosen gin is being served, and hand in your glass and tokens to the bar staff. They will swill your glass out with fresh water and serve you the gin of your choice.The accompanying garnish & mixer will then be added along with some ice. That's really all there is to know. So relax, enjoy the atmosphere and have a great time!

​Finally, please drink responsibly!


All tickets: £ 10.95

Includes - entry to the festival, gin balloon glass (yours to keep), 1 Gin & Tonic Token, Festival Gin Guide, £5 donation to Settle Victoria Hall, £2.50 discount for the Curious Gin Club subscription, Live Entertainment.

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