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News Flash!

Cinema comes back to Settle . Settle Victoria Hall has been given 50k of financing from Northern Futures , Power To Change and TRAMPs - facilitated by KeyFund - towards installing 'state of the art' cinema and PA equipment. As an addition to our programme we'll be bringing National Theatre Live performances, regular cinema, Film Festival Offerings, relaxed afternoon performances, ballet, and more in our fully surround sound, automated 5.3m screen, wizzy projector, amazing PA and fab satellite equipped hall. We expect installation to be completed by early November (another 3k would allow us to make it extra fantastic, if anyone would be willing to donate/invest please get in touch. Your money would be the extra icing on our already very big cake )

Did you know?

Set up as a charity in 1991, Settle Victoria Hall was established in the beautiful Grade 2 listed building on Kirkgate. We're funded primarily from fundraising events held by our Friends, from venue hire and from donations.. The Hall is run by the trustees and management team and is independent of local councils.

How you can help

You can contribute to the upkeep of the Victoria Hall in many ways:

Tuesday Café

Come along to the café in the Hall on Tuesdays from 10am to 2pm for a selection of a selection of cakes and scones, toasted tea cakes, bacon butties, tea and coffee.

Book early so we know you're coming!

It's always good for us if you book early for shows, as then we can get an idea of numbers far enough ahead to know whether or not to reschedule the event.



To see what's coming up and to book events online, see the event pages in our Programme. 

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